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Get There, Go North
Your Projects, Our Commitment
Don't work with recruiters!
What's in a Name?

No Matter the corporate size, stature or latest news release about your company, we gurarantee to promote you in the best possible light, not only because your our clients, but because every company needs a voice. Marketing teams are great, but when it comes to getting people on the ground to know your business, who better than the one-to-one consultant that's speaking with your future employees.

Fit the mould, or change the mould?
We offer a complete set of service infrastructure components for building, deploying, and managing your next project. What is it you need? Where do you find it? Who's the best person in the market for your team.
Reinventing the wheel, or just doing our Job?
At Northbridge, we'll search high and low, we'll speak to our network, our trusted clients, speak to whomever we need to and find that fit for you.
Where have the real people gone?
At Northbridge, our Directors are Australians who've worked in Organizational Psychology, Training, IT, Financial Services and Consulting.
We pride ourselves on not hiring people based on salesmanship or dollar values. We hire people who've have excelled at supporting people, clients, businesses and the community.
Why work with someone looking to sell, work with people looking to help.
Become a client
Why, what, references, who,  when, etc etc...
To be successful and fruitful in business, partnerships are not always easy. Even with the best of intentions and good circumstances - relationships are often low-level, transaction-based and/or merely contractual. Why?
We recognise that our success ultimately ends in sending you an invoice. It's out in the open, lets not deny it. However, we charge you for what we do, not on what we don't.
Most importantly, is making sure that our customers come back and can depend on more than just providing excellent services. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, eliminate problem areas and capture productivity gains for all. Our experience is that successful relationships thrive in a culture of trust, cooperation and commitment - a partnering culture that grows when the key people clearly understand and agree on what they want to achieve together.
While a successful partnership benefits all parties, the desire to partner often comes down to nothing more than wishful thinking and empty words. We are not that firm.
We consider Clients members of our team, our partners. Such membership is benefitial for both sides. Our customers receive: better coordination, deliverables that are on time and within budget, less stressful and more enjoyable work, smoother contract negotiations, tangible working relationships between customers and managers, focus on resolution and finding creative solutions,  understanding ,  and creation of more strategic opportunities and relationships.
We are Consultants, we are not agents.
Specific, Professional, Reputable, Established
Tired of receiving phone calls?
"Just touching base, just checking in, any jobs?"
At Northbridge, we don't promote our staff calling you hunting for work. We want them to contact you and see how things are, make sure we did a good job, understand that you have a job to do, not take calls from numerous "recruiters" trying to make a fee.
You have a job to do, our job is to support you and your team.
One person, one contact.
Our broad client base is always complimentary to us on the level of service and for not badgering them with pointless calls. We give our clients the same respect you should receive fro your accountants or legal advisors, because that's what we are- advisors, not sales people.
At Northbridge, we care about what you do, where you are and what is important to you. When you need us, you'll pick up the phone. We trust that once you've used our services, you won't go elsewhere for any IT consulting challenges you may face.
It's not about people, it's about relationships.
Go North.
What do we offer?
We're here....
At Northbridge, we'll wait for your call, because we hope that you trust our knowledge and solutions. Whenever you need us, whenever you want to speak about the market, when if you have questions about training, development, IT trends in general or even what your peer companies are doing - our people will work with you to find a solution or a product for your needs.
Enabling you, your staff, or your clients to move forward unhindered.
Why work at fifty percent capacity? We're here to move you forward now with a full compliment of staff. Companies often pick the cheapest "recruiter", but we pride ourselves on helping clients and having the quality that proves our worth. If you need the right solution, why look for the basic solution. We'll enable your staff, we'll enable you, we'll help you build a company of giants, not a budget organization.
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