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Northbridge IT - Our Story
Our reputation has been earned as a trustworthy partner that always demonstrates its value in practice. As Northbridge grows, it will maintained a reputation for high business quality, strong financial performance and excellent customer service. It was this viability that kept the company open during the crisis, when many of our competitors are no longer in the market.

 has provided a comprehensive business consulting strategy and solutions through the multilevel experience, multinational contacts and a multitude of clients. Alliteration aside, we're here for the long haul and we'll be here to support you through your next growth phaze, guaranteed to deliver.

We have been subsequently advancing our systems and expanding our practises into APAC. In addition, while our customer base has grown, our client base includes some of the largest business companies in the world. We have increased our ability to operate with external clients by selecting people with the capacity necessary to communicate with Business Professionals today.


We're expanding our offering as well.
We offer solutions for firms of any size, providing customized solutions to our clients across APAC. However, with an APAC focus, our solutions are global, and our future developments will take even greater advantage in the business world offering more flexibility to our clients and their partners.


The Company constantly develops its technological, client and people base. The company began in response to a demand for reliable, efficient business information processing tools that were easy to implement on the part of business developers, easy to administer on the part of business companies and functional for customers.


Northbridge wants to provide you with the tools to make your business successful and will continue to develop quality strategies and solutions at a fair competitive price. IT Recruitment Consulting made simple.

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